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Élevage Mapbella Kennels in Englehart, Ontario

Élevage Mapbella Kennels in Englehart, Ontario

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Ch. Olivia Black Z'Kovarny

Ch. Olivia Black Z'Kovarny

September 2002 - December 2012

The Last Journey

It has been a very emotional week and I do apologize if I have repeated myself or have been a burden for the list these past few days. Today was the peak of my emotional state as I had to let go of my girl, face reality that she was deteriorating by the minute and there was definitely nothing I could do or that my vet could have done to save her. Furthermore she was in pain and I could no longer prolong this agony for my own selfishness! Therefore, the decision was made as my heart sank to the bottom of my body to say good-bye to my beloved girl Olivia. Tonight she came back home with me for the very last time where she will be led to rest one final time! Ch. Olivia Black Z'Kovarny was an exceptional girl. She arrived from the Czech full of beans and mischief. She kept those two qualities throughout her lifetime. There was never any dull moment with Olivia! Though she was not a fighter, she would make her way decisively. Unfortunately, Olivia was not the healthiest of girls. Even from a tender age, she would suffer through numerous vaginal infections. Even though these would be treated over and over and over again, they would come right back after every few months in full force. Then other symptoms would appear but they were extremely hard to define the true cause. It is only years later that finally a diagnostic was made. Olivia suffered of the disease Lupus! Of course the decision of spaying her was immediately made. As this was done, it was also noted that her vulva was upside down (best description I can give you). Therefore, that was the reason why I was never able to have her bred............that was before I found out that she had Lupus. She should have had an amazing show career but Olivia was often misunderstood by most judges. Many found that she had way too much coat for a female, that her head was way too chiseled for their liking, that her black coat was not black enough but in my eyes she was absolutely perfect. She was so loyal and would follow me anywhere. Never had to be on a leash or restrained in any shape or form because she was like my shadow. Nothing would divert her attention from me! Even though I had other dogs/females that would try to get a kick out of her, her temperament would always remain the same: calm, cool and collected. Olivia had a very easy going attitude. Always ready to go for a ride. Always showing that infamous Belgian smile. She is sorely missed and it seems that I have completely cried every last tear my body was able to make. She has left quite the void here. But I have to find some kind of solace in the fact that she is no longer in pain, no longer suffering and finally be able to feel how good it is to be healthy for once in her life. Run free Olivia and thank you for the wonderful years you have shared with me. They will always be treasured 100%! Until we meet again baby girl!!!!!!!!! Keep a watchful eye on me and the rest of the crew!!!!!

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