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Élevage Mapbella Kennels in Englehart, Ontario

Élevage Mapbella Kennels in Englehart, Ontario

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Ch. Dartagnan des Iris Noirs

Ch. Titanic Mapbella Delapagaille

s.r. Rival de la Fureur du Crépuscule x Yome Van Hof Ter Brughe
D.O.B.: August 15th, 2004

Dartagnan is one handsome devil. He has always been very unique in many ways. Growing up, Dartagnan never demonstrated the usual Belgian ‘attitude’. He was always the odd ball of the pack and I always wondered how this could be. Personality wise, it took a very long time for Dartagnan to show any kind of emotion towards his humans. He seemed to be very cold hearted and didn’t really care about anything. As he grew older (4-5 years of age), he finally showed his attachment towards me!!!! He then became a “Velcro” dog - always searching for any opportunities to be cuddled or petted; he loves to be caressed any time. Physically, Dartagnan is very well built with great movement. He has a very particular head that I have yet to decide what to think of. He is generally very pleasing to the eye and loves to capture his audience’s attention. Dartagnan lives with Laurie whom he adores and the feeling is certainly mutual.

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Farouc des Perles Noires
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