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Mapbella Delapagaille Violet, CGN

Mapbella Delapagaille Violet CGN

Tristan de la Douce Plaine x Ch. Sarron SumerWynd Jane Air
D.O.B.: September 15th, 2005

Violet is a petite bitch with amazing speed. This girl would have done wonders in the Agility Ring. She is as fast as lightning and if you blink, you will only see a blur go by. Even at, almost, seven years old she hasnít slowed down one bit!

Violet took her easy going temperament from her sireís side! I will always be thankful for that because her dam, Jet, was quite the strong character to deal with! Just coping with Violetís high energy was enough to handle! I can only imagine what the outcome would have been if that energy had been combined with a strong willed personality!!

Violet has now joined her littermate Diana and lives in Montreal with her family Jacqueline and Gino. She is spoiled rotten and enjoys every minute of it.

Mapbella Delapagaille Violet Mapbella Delapagaille Violet
Mapbella Delapagaille Violet
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