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Nanook Delapagaille Mapbella

Nanook Delapagaille Mapbella

Ch. Sonny de la ForÍt de Bizy, CD, CGN, TT, TDI, HIC x ForÍt Noire Pagaille Mapbella
D.O.B.: July 16th, 2011

Nanook is our families most recent and welcome addition.

He is a very handsome 11 month old male who has given us much entertainment and loyal friendship. He attracts people constantly wanting to know about him.

His charming personality exhibits all of the best traits of the Belgian Breed.

He is an extremely intelligent (too smart sometimes) and active dog that loves outdoors to run, play, exercise and long walks. He is also very social and enjoys meeting people.

When at home he is protective of our property and warns us when anyone is outside. He loves attention from everyone and is an extremely lovable loyal companion. He is always ready to go wherever we go and owns the back seat of our cars.

If we were offered a billion dollars for him would we ever sell him? No way ! ...besides we donít really own him...he owns us.

Nanook is co-owned with Susan and Carlos Mendes and lives in Thunderbay.

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