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Élevage Mapbella Kennels in Englehart, Ontario

Élevage Mapbella Kennels in Englehart, Ontario

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Victoire Mapbella Delapagaille

Victoire Mapbella Delapagaille

February 2003 - October 2010

Today is a very sad, unfortunate day. Today I had to say good-bye to a very special, special girl. Her name was Valentine since she was born on February 14th, 2003. The reason why Valentine was so special was because she was born legally blind. At the time, we weren’t sure what to do. Should we keep her or should we put her down? We couldn’t even think about the second scenario. As a result, Valentine grew up with her many challenges. Not only was she blind but she had some kinds of neurological problems as well. They only became more visible as she became older.

Valentine could turn on a dime while running a mile a minute. It was unbelievable how much this girl could spin and spin and spin. We had people who would stop by her pen and try to count just how many turns she would make - always on the same side. Believe it or not, they became so dizzy themselves that they would lose count and decide to move on.

Valentine was the first, and the only one that I know of from my region, to pass a CGN test. She was absolutely amazing! Even the evaluator couldn’t believe how good she was. Valentine was an excellent ambassador of the breed. She would have acquired her championship very quickly if she wasn’t blind. Looking at her when she was on a leash you would never have been able to tell that she was handicapped.

I will always question if we did the right thing by keeping her alive when we first found out about her condition. I will always question if I did right by her. All I know is that a very precious soul has left my side and I miss her terribly. I hope she knows just how precious she was and just how much I loved her.

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