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Élevage Mapbella Kennels in Englehart, Ontario

Élevage Mapbella Kennels in Englehart, Ontario

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Ch. Delapagaille Moriane

Ch. Sarron SumerWynd Jane Air

September 1996 - October 2007

I truly hesitated before finally deciding to add Moriane in this category for it brought back too many painful memories. In the end, I believed that Moriane deserved to have her tribute shared with everyone.

No more will I see your beautiful face that greeted me every morning.
No more will I see that mischievous look in your eyes.
No more will I see that special grin where you bared your teeth at me.
No more will I see that intelligent look time after time.
No more will I feel you when you were laying beside me.
No more will I be able to touch you in those special places.
No more will I be able to hug you for no particular reason.
No more will I be able to flick your ears.
No more will I feel you nudging me to get more caresses.
No more will I hear that wonderful bark.
No more will you be the instigator among the rest of the crew.
No more will you be asking to accompany me everywhere I go.
No more will you antagonize the others in their kennels.
No more will I ever see you.
No more............... No more.................. NO MORE!
Moriane alias Momo

Oyé, oyé! Voici notre Momo
Attention, elle a mille et un trucs dans son chapeau.
Assurez-vous de ne pas lui tourner le dos
Sinon, vous pourriez y laisser votre peau!
Sa personnalité était pétillante!
Un instant, elle était aussi douce qu'un agneau
Puis, soudainement, elle était complètement différente.
Elle prenait alors l'allure d'un vrai bourreau.
Elle était loin d'être ennuyante!
Elle pouvait nous garder comme otage
Ou nous aimer au-delà des âges.
Momo était toujours pleine d'entrain
Et n'avait pas peur de faire son chemin.
Moriane, même si parfois tu me faisais très peur,
Tu auras toujours une place spéciale dans mon coeur.
Repose-toi bien dans l'au-delà
Et sois assurez qu'on pensera toujours à toi.

Moriane was a female that came into my life with a big bang. Nothing she did was moderate but done to its full capacity. Moriane believed in living life to its fullest. She also believed that it was important to be noticed so people wouldn't forget who she was. She was an expert at that indeed. Moriane would take command of her surroundings and God help anyone who had the misfortune to show her any sign of weakness. Moriane would definitely prey on that. She loved to show herself as a tough, dangerous bitch. Oh, but how sensitive, beautiful, and ever so loving she was. Moriane entered my life at a later stage in her life. I was blessed to have known and to have shared some amazing moments with this special girl. She was devious, she was devilish but, oh, what an extraordinary girl she was.

Moriane left me one morning with a bang, just like only she could. She will definitely be sorely missed by anyone who had the chance and the privilege to have met her. She was really one of a kind.

Rest in peace my beautiful girl for you have certainly deserved and earned it in your lifetime. I will NEVER forget you my precious and you will always be in my heart.

gone but not forgotten Moriane

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