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Élevage Mapbella Kennels in Englehart, Ontario

Élevage Mapbella Kennels in Englehart, Ontario

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BIS Cdn/Am Ch. Multi Group Placements Sarron Obvious Choice

BIS Cdn/Am Ch. Multi Group Placements Sarron Obvious Choice

August 2001 - November 2011

It is with the greatest heartache that I announce that I have lost yet another one of my precious babies! On November 17th , BIS Cdn/Am Ch. Multi Groups Placement Sarron Obvious Choice better known as Harley passed away. I am absolutely beside myself and it seems so unreal to be writing this. Tears are flowing down my face at the immense loss and hole that Harley leaves behind. Harley was such a joy. Though he was an easy dog to live with he could be very stubborn at times. He knew what he wanted and how to get it.

Unfortunately Harley got a very close call with death when he was 6 years old. An emergency procedure had to be done and luckily he survived the operation (prostate cancer).

Since I got him, Harley always had major teeth/gum problems and I mean EXTENSIVE teeth/gum problems that would give him serious infections over the course of his life. Even though several teeth had been pulled out, the remaining teeth didn't help his condition. Harley was often treated for the many infections that kept coming back on a regular basis.

When Harley started to vomit thick yellow bile, he was taken into emerge; he was due to be operated on the morning of November 18th because the x-rays showed some kind of mass in his stomach. Unfortunately, Harley had a heart attack the night before and could not be revived. According to the specialist, the numerous teeth/gum infections were part of the cause of Harley's stomach cancer and heart condition.

He is sorely missed by his close humans (Gino and Jacqueline) and he will always be remembered for the happiness he brought and the exuberance for life he showed daily. Rest in peace my beautiful boy and try to behave around all the other Belgians you will encounter. I love you with all of my heart and you will never be forgotten.

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